The Bristol2Beijing expedition has undergone an exciting and significant change. For the first six weeks of 2020 I will be doing a tour of the UK. Starting in Bristol, taking in Wales, the North of England, then London, and departing from Dover, this route will allow me to experience the UK before I head out onto the Continent. Why did I feel this change was important? A few weeks ago I went to my old school in Bristol and gave the school assembly, describing my experiences of the past 18 months, and what I had learned from these experiences. It appeared to make a significant impact, stirring much discussion. I was particularly touched to hear about a girl who previously attended climbing class only to watch, and that day felt inspired to try it for the first time.

I was thrilled with the positive impact this had and therefore I decided before leaving for Europe I would ride around the UK to offer to talk to students and young CanLivers along the way. I will be visiting CanLiver treatment centres throughout the UK, however I would also love to share my experiences at schools across the country.

If you work at a school, or have a friend who does, please suggest it to them. Find below the route we are following and my expected dates. I would also welcome anyone who wants to join on their own bike for a bit! Please drop me a message.

The route for the UK leg

I can’t wait to get started and see you on the way!