I have recently started training so that I can be part of Luke’s tandem bike ride, as a CanLiver.

Before I decided I wanted to cycle with Luke I was doing some activities like walking, but not a lot. Now doing the exercises with a goal in mind is so much more fun; I have more of a reason to get moving.

I’ve been walking in the local park, swimming, and I have a few other things planned like home workouts which I am looking forward to.

Some days are obviously harder than others to find the motivation to start for many reasons (I’m sure you can relate!), but I am always happy on the days that I manage to go and stretch my comfort zone. It is satisfying being able to tick off another activity done!

My sister is a personal trainer and has designed a simple programme for me to follow, you can ask to have it sent to you too, for free! There are some exercises I do at home, some in the park, and a few other ideas too. It’s a great starting point and I can cross off when I’ve done it which is good!

I understand that sometimes it can seem daunting, but I recommend just starting small when thinking of exercising; get out your front door and walk to the local park, or even just use the stairs in your home! Simply start with one step.

Another tip is that if you’re not feeling in the mood, all you need to do is move for ten minutes (be that in the pool, in your living room, in the gym, or in the park). If after ten minutes you want to stop and you’re still not feeling it, you’ve achieved ten minutes which is great! Perhaps after ten minutes you start to enjoy it and so you continue, which is also great.

When I can, I like to do the activities with a friend or family member, that way I can chat while doing something beneficial for my health. It’s a win-win situation.

Our bodies are capable of so much! Let’s see what we can do…