An undertaking of this size and complexity would not be possible alone. Therefore I am incredibly grateful to the team who have made this possible.

I’m Jenny and I’m Luke’s mother, as well as working as a GP in Bristol. We brought up our two boys John and Luke to value fitness and outdoor activity among other things, and in recent years Luke has taken this to another level. So Luke’s Bristol2Beijing plans came as no surprise and I am supporting him all the way.

Life turned upside down for us after Luke’s diagnosis. His attitude and determination have inspired me to make the most of each day. I am focussed on helping Luke to realise his vision and put out his message to the world.

I’m Mark, and I’m enormously proud to be Luke and John’s Dad. The last two years have been a challenge, and Luke’s grit and determination have been really inspiring, as he continually makes the most of every moment.

We’ve had unexpected fun cycling and even competing in a mountain marathon together post chemotherapy. I now want to support Luke to deliver his message about living life to the full while he – and all of us – try to do the same.

Hi, I’m Kira, one of Luke’s cousins. I’m currently teaching English in Spain, after studying a languages degree at Durham University, and I’m really enjoying following Luke’s adventure. I share his passion for travelling and discovering new cultures and meeting new people, and as well as helping organise things in the Bristol2Beijing team, I hope to join him on bits of his journey (although I’ll have to get practising as my main exercise currently involves dancing, hiking, and building human towers (muixeranga), so rather different to cycling!).

I run the social media for Bristol2Beijing to make sure that this impressive ride is as big a success as it can be, enabling Luke’s message to be spread far and wide to inspire many many people to get out, be active and make the most of every opportunity.

I’m Arthur, and I’ve been a friend of Luke’s since we first met in Cairo a few years ago. I have since graduated from university and recently returned home to Oxford after spending some time working in Geneva for MSF. Luke’s energy and sense of adventure was evident the first time we met, and it is inspiring to witness this being channelled into the B2B project.

I am involved with advocacy and outreach work during the ride, and am also looking forward to joining Luke on the back of the tandem for a few months. As a CanLiver myself, I found that friends and adventure, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook are three pillars that shaped my life and the lives of those around me for the better. I hope that through this journey we can inspire others to embrace this.

I’m Jeremy, and I met Luke only after his life was turned upside down and we had both begun studying at the University of Oxford. His passion for a full and thriving life is clear in everyday acts, and I have found it magnetic and inspiring. Prior to my master’s degree studies with Luke I spent 15 years in green buildings, renewable energy, and sustainable cities while based in Washington DC and New York.

I have several people in my personal and professional life who have struggled with cancer and I am overjoyed to be part of Luke’s support team as he shares his inspiring message and story with the world. I am helping with communications, fundraising, strategy, and other things here and there.  Luke has already taken me running all over Spain and the Netherlands and has motivated me to maintain my fitness and eat more healthily.  Now it’s my turn to help Luke fulfill his dream while amplifying his story and maximising his impact!

My name is Kate and I met Luke on the 1st January 2020 when I joined for the first four days of the Bristol2Beijing trip – I wrote a Bristol2Beijing blog post about my experience. Coincidentally we were both at Durham then Oxford (albeit 7 years apart) and I learnt about Bristol2Beijing in an email sent to alumnae by Durham University. As a maths teacher, I joined Luke again in the Netherlands during the February half term holiday. I clearly wasn’t put off after cycling on a tandem through Wales in the cold of January! I’m also a CanLiver; diagnosed on 21st June 2018 – two days after both Luke’s own diagnosis and my 31st birthday. I’ve been a lifelong keen swimmer, got into running in my early twenties, and am a slightly more reluctant cyclist!

I’ve taken on responsibility for the ‘Facing Up’ podcast aspect of the expedition – helping Luke to reach out to future guests, editing podcasts, and sharing the messages from the podcasts with a wider audience. I have also helped to build and maintain the internet ‘home’ of the podcast – If you have any podcast-related queries please do email, or contact me on social media @lukefacingup.

My name’s Liz and I’m one of Luke’s godparents. I live in Epsom, happily equidistant between Heathrow and Gatwick, so over the years Luke has passed through regularly en route to and from various adventures. A former cyclist, I completed Land’s End to John o’ Groats in 1981 with Luke’s Mum Jenny. As a result of Luke’s encouragement I have taken up cycling again and love it. I work as an archivist at the Royal Horticultural Society and like my totally awesome godson, I love exploring the world, most recently joining Luke on the tandem through Yorkshire.

I’m over the moon to be part of the Bristol2Beijing team, and hugely inspired by Luke’s response to his diagnosis and the messages he is sharing. We radically changed our diet two years ago to follow an anti-cancer diet, and, along with Luke, are looking to make the most of every moment. Part of that is working to make sure the Bristol2Beijing ride is the biggest success, helping and inspiring people everywhere.

I’m Philip, married to Liz (above!) and also a proud godparent to Luke. I’ve been inspired by Luke to upgrade to a lovely road bike, and am thoroughly enjoying riding more than ever before.

Professionally, I left a large IT company after 32 years in November 2018, and joined the South East Coast Ambulance Service. I now work as front-line ambulance crew, and am on a journey to become a paramedic.

My main support for Luke and the team here is to build and maintain this website.