There are two aims of this trip. They are simple but ambitious:

1 – To inspire CanLivers to proactively seek out opportunities to live richly and fully.

2 – To inspire Canlivers to maximise their chances of longevity and happiness through exercise and diet.

This is a message that applies to anyone facing challenges, anyone living.

Through sharing this journey and starting a movement, CanLive, I hope to powerfully nudge everyone into making changes which will help them enjoy the wealth of experiences our temporary existence allows us. Get out of the house for a walk, run, cycle, game of football, or whatever floats your boat – even if the weather’s bad you’ll feel better, I promise! And at the same time consider what you put into your body, the food you eat makes a big difference. Be kind to it!

Along the way, I will give talks at schools, hospitals and community centres where I am invited to explain my life philosophy, my attitude to challenges and the objectives and challenges of the expedition. I will also make podcasts, chatting with individuals about how they have dealt with the challenges in their life and, perhaps, even turned them into opportunities.

A key aspect of driving this change is supporting groups who already are working towards similar goals. We originally aimed to raise a minimum of £23,000 – £1 for every kilometre cycled – for the fantastic charities 5K Your Way and Trekstock, charities which help empower CanLivers through exercise, alongside the Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent, which both did so much to support me throughout treatment. I will also be supporting like-minded organisations I encounter during the expedition.

Thanks to the generosity of many people, we smashed this initial target one month into the expedition! Our new fundraising target is £123,000 as we think ever bigger. Alongside this new target, we’ll be supporting World Child Cancer as our regional charity partner for the second leg of the expedition.