Guest post from Michelle

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I admire adventure…from afar. I think I dislike the uncertainty of it. Like many, I consider myself risk-averse and if any risks are taken, they are highly calculated ones. For example, I recently walked up the UK’s highest Three Peaks which was an ideal trip for me: the trails were marked and the destinations were […]

Surprises, Sausages, and Sopje

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Miroslava swept back her curly auburn hair with a pale olive bandana as she finished preparing dinner for her family of six. It was a meat-laden meal typical of Sopje, a small village in northern Croatia which abuts Hungary, only separated by the Drava river. It was an autumnal day like any other: the golden […]

Liquid Gold: Vinogradnistvo Stampar

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Despite the picturesque nature of Brebrovnik, I had a destination in mind: Varazdin, across the border in Croatia, and I focussed on the road ahead. I kept passing signs to Vinogradnistvo this or that, but I told myself these were for another visit. After all, why would they want to see a sweaty tourist pedalling […]

Being Struck By Nature

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Last night, on the banks of the Danube, a little beyond Passau, Germany, but firmly in Austria, I looked up. A few bright stars lit the sky. Unexpected. Unwavering. Undimmed. Their glow picked out the shadows of a few streaked and wispy clouds – marked by their absence of light. It was completely quiet, save […]

A Delayed Opportunity

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Yesterday afternoon I crested one hill after the other as I climbed my way through the Yorkshire countryside, wheels turning beneath me as I pedalled towards Oxenholme station. Drystone walls flanked my route initially, as I wove along the valley bottom before passing through Sedbergh and the hills beyond. The stone walls were replaced by […]

Physical Activity in the Good Society

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This blogpost first appeared in the Good Society Forum on 20th July 2020 and is reproduced here with permission. In February, I went for a jog with a running group with a difference. Each person had a cancer diagnosis, and was dealing with it in a hugely positive fashion, through the power of exercise. As […]

Why I Am Not A Cancer Survivor

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On 19th June 2018 I was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer. It had already spread to my lungs. I was 24. To my surprise, two years later I am immensely thankful to be alive and able to write these words. I hadn’t expected to see Christmas 2018. The year following my diagnosis, […]