Press releases from the Bristol2Beijing team

Links to published articles about Luke and the Bristol2Beijing expedition

November 2020 : Article on news website (in Russian) as Luke arrives in Chișinău, Moldova can be seen here.

November 2020 : Article at (in Romainian) with video of Luke in Moldova can be seen here.

September 2020 : Blog by Luke on Bristol Mayor Rees’s page here.

September 2020 : Post from the BEARR Trust can be seen here.

April 2020 : Story by Pac Wristbands can be seen here.

March 2020 : Story at Jongeren en Kanker in the Netherlands can be seen here (in Dutch)

March 2020 : Bristol Post article, announcing that Luke and Chris had made it across the Channel and into France can be seen here.

23 Mar 2020 Jungfrau Zeitung: “Living My Dream” (in German) – an interview with Pascal Müller, a journalist in Interlaken.

3 Mar 2020 NLC: An Adventure to China after Learning of his Stage IV Cancer (in Hungarian)

2 Mar 2020 The Metro : Man with stage four cancer cycling from Bristol to Beijing to prove terminal illness doesn’t make you ‘helpless’

February 2020 : post from Westminster City School can be seen here.

29 Jan 2020 Henleaze & Westbury Voice: Inspiring Story behind Luke’s Bristol to Beijing Ride

15 Nov 2019 Chronicle Live: It was absolutely brutal to be told at 24 years old that I’m probably going to die

12 Nov 2019 Daily Mirror: Cyclist, 24, who thought he pulled a muscle actually has stage 4 cancer

11 Nov 2019 Bristol Post: Bristol cyclist embarking on epic journey after being diagnosed with cancer aged 24

Links to radio, TV broadcasts and podcasts featuring Luke and the Bristol2Beijing expedition

4 Mar 2020 ARA City Radio (Luxembourg) : an interview with Luke

27 Feb 2020 BBC Radio Four “Woman’s Hour” : When your child has cancer … – a 45 minute podcast with Luke’s mum, Jenny, on the panel of 3 mothers.

10 Feb 2020 BBC Radio Oxford Upload: Young Innovators, Pagan Poetry, Cycling 23000km with CanLive & The Life of a Lady (see minute 36:00)

31 Jan 2020 Inside Tri Show: Episode 11: Control how you live today: Luke Grenfell-Shaw (scroll down to episode 11)

7 Jan 2020 BBC Midlands Today – Evening News (no longer available, see tweet)

15 Dec 2019 Broxit Radio on Oxide Radio Live: Season 1 Episode 17: Not Defined by Disease