An expedition like this only works when there are amazing organisations and individuals providing support, whether financial, in kind, or giving their time and expertise. I am grateful beyond words for the support provided by the following:

Velocity Black works with its client members to “harness human and machine potential to empower people to live their most meaningful lives.” I passionately believe in each individual proactively taking steps to live richly and fully, and so their aim resonates with me and the CanLive movement. I was delighted when Velocity Black approached me with a very generous offer to provide a significant grant to support the expedition and also to make a series of videos throughout the expedition to spread my message to a wider audience.

Newton is a consultancy whose ethos is very close to my own. I am hugely grateful to Newton for their significant financial contribution to the costs of this expedition, and also for the way in which they have mobilised their employees to support the charities I am raising funds for through this expedition.

Lydia Blagden is a wonderful graphic designer and artist, who took my Dad’s hand drawn ideas for a logo for this website and turned it into the brilliant logo you now see. You can follow Lydia on Instagram here: @lydiablagden

Skranklefish films, with the double act of Joe behind the camera and Dave on sound, have made two wonderful videos for us which are published here and on social media.

If you would like to support this expedition in some way, financially or in kind (eg offering a bed for the night along the route, or providing equipment or services), we would love to hear from you – click here for our contact page.