The last few weeks, since I “went public” have been a whirlwind – exhilarating, tiring and incredibly exciting. Already it feels like we’ve come so far – what has been an idea for so long is now a living, breathing thing. I’m excited to see it grow.

I am touched and heartened by how much my message appears to be resonating with many people and leading to some really positive changes. I feel so lucky to be part of this project, which wouldn’t have been possible without so many friends — new, renewed and old — standing with me as I prepare for this exciting journey.

We’ve got this far — with outreach, fundraising, trip preparations, and more — thanks to the amazing efforts of a really wonderful team.

On the evening before my graduation, several members of my amazing support team joined me for dinner. I couldn’t do all this without help!

Looking ahead, I’ve realised that we could use even more help to keep this project running smoothly. Here are a few areas where we could use some support. Please let us know if you might be able to assist!

Connecting with CanLivers – are there people in your life living with cancer who may like to hear more about my approach to living fully with cancer? Do you know of places along my route – particularly beyond the UK! – where I can connect with CanLivers or with young people who might appreciate my project? I am eager to have young CanLivers join me on the tandem — please get in touch!

Speaking with young people – Do you know of any schools, youth groups or sport clubs along my cycle route who may wish to hear from me? I’ll be busy cycling 23,000+ kilometres, but I also need to stop for breaks and I’d love to make them meaningful!

Logistics, including in-country support teams – I will be leaving most of my support team behind once I exit the UK in February. In order to maximise my time cycling through 20+ countries, I’d love some support along the way to help connect with CanLivers, speak to groups of young people, and to get better acquainted with the diverse cultures that I’ll otherwise be cycling past. My friends in China, for example, have helped me set up a Weibo account to share the Bristol2Beijing message in Chinese!

Promotions – Even more important to me than fundraising is spreading the word to young people, including those living with cancer. Can you help me share information about what I’m doing and encourage others to make the most of today? Your help sharing my campaign and message on social media or by any means that is comfortable for you would be such a big help!

Accounting – I’m thrilled to be well over half way towards my first fundraising target! As we approach the £23,000 mark I’ll need some help navigating the next phases.

Cheerleading and participation – I’ll be kicking off my journey at 12pm on January 1 from the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre with a 15km cycle the first day. (Meet at Bristol Grammar School at 10:30am). My route will take me to Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Durham, Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, London, and many places in between before heading into Europe. I hope you’ll consider meeting me or joining me for some segment of the trip. (See UK route)

Get active! I hope my CanLive campaign inspires you to get outdoors, be active, and live a little more today. Consider going for a walk, a park run, a cycle, or something that suits you. Share what you’re doing with the CanLive community by tagging Bristol2Beijing on social media.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm, encouragement, and support!