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14th Feb : Press Release (click to download) announcing the completion of the UK leg of the expedition.

On my way to second place in Egypt’s inaugural
Half-Iron triathlon

My name is Luke. On 19th June 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. A very aggressive and rare sarcoma. That day I also discovered my lungs were riddled with 13 cancerous nodules.

One year later, after chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, I want to show it is possible to thrive with cancer.

I believe in living. Deeply, fully. In proactively making our lives richer. In boosting our chances of continued good health through exercise and diet and in bringing our hopes and dreams for an uncertain and indeterminate future to now.

Training on a stationary bike while undergoing chemotherapy

To show that cancer is not a barrier and to relish in the present, I am cycling from Bristol to Beijing by tandem – a ride I started on 1st January 2020. The expedition will cover 23,000km, through 24 countries, over mountain passes, through sweeping deserts, experiencing freezing lows and sweltering heat, and meeting people from many walks of life on the way. 

I will be joined along the way by other young people with cancer, so together we can inspire others – with, and without, cancer.  This forms the basis of my movement, CanLive: powerfully nudging young people with cancer to proactively seek out opportunities to forge a rich and fulfilling life.

We originally aimed to raise a minimum of £23,000 – £1 for every kilometre cycled – for the fantastic charities Trekstock and 5k Your Way, which harness the power of exercise to help people with cancer, and Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent, who have given me amazing support. Thanks to the generosity of many people, we have already exceeded this initial target one month into the expedition. Please do continue to donate to help these organisations continue their amazing work by clicking here:

Throughout this expedition I will be writing a blog, please check it out for the latest news! You can also follow me on social media – see the buttons at the top of this page.

Here’s a short video which explains the background to the expedition and the CanLive movement:

Bristol2Beijing – our December 2019 video. Huge thanks to Joe at Skranklefish Films for producing this for us.

Here’s a short clip from a radio interview I did recently:

This video is from the launch of the expedition on 1st January 2020:

I am thrilled to be raising funds to support several charities that are making a real difference in people’s lives, aligned with the CanLive spirit.  The following four charities that do outstanding work in the UK will be my partners throughout the expedition.  For more information about them and the regional partner charities I will be working with along my expedition route, please visit my fundraising page.